The Floral Journey has been part of many beautiful events, like a beautiful wedding at the prestigious Woburn Abbey and arranging South African flowers for the Black Tie Gala dinner at the House of Lords for the South African Chamber of Commerce in March 2020.

The Floral Journey was born out of a creative passion, 5 years ago. Doing flowers is something Ulrike Van Heerden grew up with in a home where her Mother had a florist shop in a little town called Piet Retief in South Africa. It was only after moving to England, having children and being a stay at home mum, that she discovered her creative side and her love for flowers.

At first it was a hobby, but after doing wedding flowers for two friends and a lot of encouragement from family and friends Ulrike started a business in 2015 with her cousin. In 2018 she took the leap and went solo.

She is self-taught florist, based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.  She has a workshop at home, where she can create to her heart’s content around her family. For Ulrike, it is the perfect balance of being at home with the kids and working creatively from home. 

Her style is unique and creative, but still stylish and timeless. Floristry is like art to her, where she uses flowers to paint, like in art, where no one painting is the same. In her case, not one center-piece looks the same. Ulrike flourishes on creative projects where her clients want something different and give her creative freedom to create something truly special and one of a kind.

Ulrike loves using South African flowers, especially Proteas. Her favorite is the King Protea. Adding these unique flowers to her designs sets her apart and makes her just that little bit different from the UK High street Florists.

The Floral Journey’s Instagram and Facebook pages boast gorgeous arrangements done for many private weddings and events. 

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