Peter Hain’s latest book, A Pretoria Boy, was launched in the UK last Thursday, September 9th, 2021, by Icon Books.

Lord Hain, in describing the story he recounts in the book said, “A Pretoria Boy is the story of my South African journey in politics lasting over 50 years, from anti-apartheid protester to Right Honourable Lord, from Pretoria childhood to senior British Cabinet Minister.

“My memoir describes the arrest and harassment of my activist parents and their friends in the early 1960s, the hanging of a close family friend, and our enforced London exile in 1966. After organising militant campaigns in the UK against touring South African rugby and cricket sides, I was dubbed ‘Public Enemy Number One’ by the South African media.

“Narrowly escaping jail for disrupting all-white South African sports tours, I was maliciously framed for bank robbery and nearly assassinated by a letter bomb. In 2017–2018 I used British parliamentary privilege to expose looting and money laundering in then President Jacob Zuma’s administration, informed by a ‘Deep Throat’ source.””


A stalwart anti-racist and anti-apartheid campaigner’ 
       – Doreen (Baroness) Lawrence

From fighting for Nelson Mandela’s freedom to exposing his betrayal under Jacob Zuma, a 50-year story of constant campaigning.’ 
       – Sir Trevor McDonald, broadcaster

‘Much in this gripping story resonates with me over our common (African) childhood and exile in Britain.’ 
       – Natasha Kaplinsky, broadcaster

‘Peter Hain’s engrossing, thriller-esque autobiography is a master class in how to pursue and achieve justice and freedom. Impossible to put down.’
       – Justice Malala, journalist and author

‘A tour de force of an extraordinary half-century of campaigning for justice.’
       – Helen Clark, former New Zealand Prime Minister and United Nations Development Chief

“Is there anything I can do to help?” A simple question that would once again place Peter Hain back in the centre of efforts to correct wrongs in the land of his birth. This book is a timely reminder that even when many battles have been won, the war against injustice is never over. As ever, Peter Hain remains on the right side of that fight.’
       – Bongani Bingwa, 702 and Carte Blanche Presenter

‘Talk about courage and chutzpa – this young ‘un helped topple apartheid!’
       – Ronnie Kasrils, former ANC underground chief and Cabinet minister

‘More like a thriller than a memoir of international solidarity’
       – Mavuso Msimang, ANC struggle stalwart   

‘With first hand experience of apartheid racism and colonialism, Peter Hain consistently worked for the liberation of his childhood country. When our people needed him, he stood strong, principled and fearless against all odds. He remains a resolute champion in helping with current challenges, and cares profoundly for our future.’ 
       – Ambassador Lindiwe Mabuza


If you’d like to pick up a copy of the book it will be available from your local bookstore, or alternatively order a copy from and Hive.

The book will also be available from Amazon UK, Waterstones, Blackwell’s and if you would like it delivered anywhere in the world, The Book Depository.

The ebook will be  available from the publishers Icon Books directly, or  through Amazon UK, Kobo and Apple Books.

The audiobook is in the process of being recorded, and will be available at a later date.

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