Catherine Farrant was recognised at the 2019 Awards for her innovation, ingenuity and having a strong customer focus that has strongly contributed to the overall success of her micro business. 

A mother of two, the South African-born entrepreneur and CEO of a BCorp certified micro business, Catherine left her corporate position five years ago to grow her business and pursue her dream of being a voice for ‘gut health’ in the UK. Ossa Organic has developed foods that focus on time-proven ways to ingest valuable nutrients into the body and the best organic ingredients.

The SACC Awards recognise achievers who have made a difference in the small business sector or their community, the efforts made by those in the Charitable and Giving Back arenas and to those in the corporate business sector who have excelled.

Please nominate someone you know for this award by completing the online form on the SACC Business & Community Awards website.

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Catherine, one of the eleven achievers recognised in last year’s ceremony, shares her experience of winning the Micro Business Award, which was sponsored by BusinessFit.

“I am a proud South African and to be recognised by your home country for the work you are doing abroad was a wonderful feeling! I was nominated by the amazing Charlotte Coetzee. In 2019, I was four years into my entrepreneurial journey and I felt powerful validation and a great sense of pride upon hearing about the nomination. The event was outstanding! Both my husband and I were blown away by the South African hospitality, ambience, food and energy of the people in the room. It was a wonderful evening that made all involved even more proudly South African. The South African spirit that runs through all involved makes the SACC Community & Business Awards special. I have gone on to meet some amazing people and make some interesting and useful connections through the Chamber. I highly recommend finding a way to become a part of this community.” 

SACC Business & Community Awards is a celebration of the best efforts and achievements of the South African community in the UK, all wrapped up into a fantastic gala evening.

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