Once again, we’ll be supporting Cricket South Africa‘s initiative to sing the National Anthem this Friday, and invite all members and friends to join us on Zoom.

We’ll be led in raising our voices by Nic and Pearle Vani, at the same time that many more will ring out all across South Africa. (Please note the time difference, it will be noon in the UK.)

The last time we did this it was great fun, and lifted everyone’s spirits enormously. Wave a flag or wear the colours if you’d like to, and your children are welcome to join in too!

And here’s the result…

Friday Anthem

They said it couldn't be done, perhaps what they really meant was that it couldn't be done well. Regardless, on Friday we gathered online, from the UK, South Africa and even the USA, to sing our hearts out. #fridayanthem is an intiative by Cricket South Africa to "spread the light of hope and positivity" across South Africa, and to show solidarity with everyone suffering illness, or under lockdown by stepping outside to sing the national anthem. Singing across the internet is hugely challenging, although we tried our best, there's just too much lag to deal with, from distance, from software, cables, processors and switches, but if anything the chaos added to the fun. We don't expect any choral awards, but this was a light-hearted attempt to lift the spirits of all who joined in, and by that criteria, it was a huge success. Special thanks to Nic and Pearl Vani for leading us, and to the hugely talented Idols SA Siyakha Tshayela for joining us from South Africa. We sincerely hope this doesn't end your careers.

Posted by South African Chamber of Commerce UK on Sunday, 26 April 2020
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