The SACC in collaboration with the SA-UK Trust Network hosted a seminar for non-profit organisations (NPOs) on Wednesday 26 March 2014. Brand new SACC Corporate member Maitland Group hosted the event, the aim of which was to foster business skills and expertise within our charity partners and those of the SA-UK Trust Network.

Sharon Evans of Dot Com Children’s Foundation shared some of her experiences in setting up two charities, the difficulties faced in changes in government and some of the successful projects her charities achieved in the UK and in South Africa. She was joined by Kristina Rihanoff of Strictly Come Dancing, and shared her experiences of engaging with the top tiers of the UK Government at the Home Office by hosting a fundraiser in their office.

Adam Stephens, an insolvency practitioner at Smith & Williamson, gave some useful advice on how charities can avoid insolvency, sharing some of the warning signs of charities in distress. Of particular importance was the need to act early – the earlier charities sought professional advice, the more options would be available to them.

Saskia Johnston of Sable FX spoke about the five essential criteria charities should consider when selecting foreign currency providers, highlighting the importance of choosing a regulated provider that has competitive fees and a reasonable spread from the interbank exchange rate.

The Chamber hosts three such events every year as part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, and is always on the lookout for specialist who could provide insight into some of the key challenges faced by the charitable sector.  

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