Recently-elected Director of the South African Chamber of Commerce UK Carol Freeman has been invited to join the advisory board of Commonwealth Exchange (CX). The strategic alliance between the SACC and CX will facilitate trade, business and development links between South Africa, the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations.


The Commonwealth is a 53-nation club that consists of developed, developing, and emerging economies and spans all habitable continents. English is its lingua franca with Common Law and a commitment to democracy its notable features. South Africa was re-admitted to the Commonwealth in 1994, after the first democratic elections were held.  


Commonwealth Exchange exists to create a Commonwealth ‘brand’ in which people and organisations can exchange and build upon ideas. CX uses tools such as charitable social action projects, research papers, seminars, keynote events, and advertising to help all sectors of the Commonwealth, from educational projects for the younger generation to cultural and sporting endeavours, as well as providing assistance to small and medium-sized businesses.


Last year, President Jacob Zuma officially opened the Commonwealth Conference on Education and Training of Youth Workers hosted in South Africa.  In his remarks, the President used his Commonwealth Day message to draw attention need to build strong political, economic and social structures that support young people in realising their aspirations.

“It is important to note as well that more than 50% of the Commonwealth’s population is under the age of 30. Therefore, the future of the Commonwealth is tied inexorably to the future of young people.  


In this regard, we applaud the fact that the Commonwealth invests in the youth in the manner that it does, especially in education.”


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