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Village Global Education

Our goal is to give every child the best possible start in life. By working with educational businesses to provide tailor-made mentorship programmes within an outstanding digital training platform we can realise this dream.

Our mission is to create better outcomes for children through improved standards of teaching in the early years. We will work with your business to create a sustainable framework with fluid communication, that you and your team can rely on to drive improved standards of education and personal growth.

We've recognised that some nursery educators don't have the tools to successfully run a business. This results in an unsustainable framework and a nursery which will eventually fail to thrive. In turn, some business-minded individuals have little experience in successful nursery best-practices, which will often equal the same result: poor educational offering and a business destined for failure. This needs to change and that’s where we can help.rn

Primary Contact:Frances Preston

Position:Founder & Director


Email:[email protected]


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