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Lance Marshall Coaching and Mentoring

Business and Personal Development Partner in Durban. Mentor-in-place. Coach-in-place
Manufacturing, Engineering, Asset Care, Business Skills and Personal skills practitioner.
COMENSA Master Coach
Better Skills and Better systems, means Better Business.
Applying experience, understanding, expertise, skills, talent and energy, to develop people and businesses. On-site, face-to-face or digital engagements welcome

Supplementing organisational skills in business,
engineering, manufacturing, facilities management, asset care and project management.
Supporting sustainable manufacturing practices.
Facilitate holistic business solutions and innovation.
Develop technical and business talent.
Mentoring, Coaching & developing people.
Assisting with the development of successful businesses.

Credentialed Master Coach. Engineer. Mentor. Entrepreneur. Businessman. Innovator.
Extensive application experience in private and corporate businesses and operations.

Manufacturing. Maintenance. Facilities Management. Mentoring. Coaching. Project Management & Project Development. Sustainable Business practice. SHE.

Bringing deep levels of experience, knowledge and understanding in corporate and in private business including international business.

Primary Contact:Lance Marshall

Position:Mentor & Coach


Email:[email protected]


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