South African chambers from across the globe have joined forces to create the International Association of South African Chambers of Commerce (IASACC).

Jason Lamb, board member of the South African Chamber in Singapore and EXCO member of the South African Chamber in the UK said, “This has been a long time coming and in February 2023 we decided to bring chambers  from  Singapore,  Korea, Mauritius, UK and Dubai together on a call to discuss the idea of putting this platform together. There was lots of excitement, and everyone agreed to join and start this great initiative.”

South African Chambers of Commerce (IASACC).
South African Chambers of Commerce (IASACC).

Most of the South African chambers of commerce or business councils have similar purposes, goals and strategies. By opening the communication lines across the SA chambers globally, the IASACC will enable board members and members to share experiences, knowledge, expertise and ultimately give our members access to a broader network and community.

We all have a special connection back to our country and currently all South African chambers create a platform for South Africans living abroad to connect, facilitate trade and investment, help with relocation, promote tourism and of cause get together over a braai. The IASACC will build on this purpose, and we will work with each other and the various government entities to enhance business and trade relations with our international partners.

For more information, please reach out to your local SA chamber of commerce or business council or if you have any questions on the IASACC, please contact Jason Lamb at [email protected]

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