We’re inviting businesses and people from the UK and around the world to join us in making a positive impact. Rewilding Africa is a not-for-profit community interest company in the United Kingdom that wants to change how people think about and support Africa’s conservation. Our goal, working closely with our carefully selected implementing partners in Africa, is to shift the responsibility for conservation to the local communities who, along with the animals, plants, and birds that call it home, have lived on the land for generations.

To make this change happen, we’re not suggesting that existing conservation organisations should stop asking for donations to stop poaching and protect endangered species and the environment. Instead, we believe we should also explore a new way of funding and supporting conservation that can bring long-term benefits.

This approach would involve creating a sustainable conservation economy. The plan starts in how to use and manage the land around Africa’s national parks and reserves. This surrounding land would serve as a thriving buffer zone, including areas for animals to migrate, game farms, open grasslands, forests, sustainable agriculture, eco-tourism, renewable energy projects, and more. This approach, known as “Community Conservancies”, has worked well in Kenya, involving local communities in various ways to support conservation.

If we can protect the remaining habitats of endangered wildlife in a way that genuinely benefits these local communities, we can greatly reduce the decline of natural areas and the threat of poaching. We believe that changing poachers into landowners and wildlife caretakers is the key solution.

By supporting Rewilding Africa CIC and becoming an Ambassador, you’ll help us fund rewilding projects in Africa and spread this message of change. This funding will allow us to educate communities, do land use planning and influence governments, big businesses, and wealthy individuals to support the only true long-term solution.

Time is running out to undo the harm done to our environment, so join us in making a real difference and saving our natural world. Become a Rewilding Africa Ambassador and create a meaningful impact.

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