Attendees at the Chamber’s monthly Breakfast Indaba on 10 April were treated to insights from one of the South African community’s most respected businessmen in the UK. CEO of Sable Group Reg Bamford discussed some of key factors that have contributed to his success both on and off the sports field. In addition to running two £10m businesses, Reg has had a distinguished career in the sporting world, and is world croquet champion five years running.

He told the assembled guests at the Chamber’s monthly networking breakfast that the importance of loving what you do is paramount to achievement in either realm. Passion for your business or sport will inevitably lead to success, and this can be augmented by surrounding yourself with people who share your vision and mission, both in business and in the sporting world.

Reg also stressed the importance of differentiating yourself from the competition and instilling staff with a robust sense of customer service. He opined that one great staff member is the equivalent of three mediocre employees or 10 poor employees, and that the key to successful expansion is bringing competent and skilled people on board to spread their wings to take your business to new heights. Further, fostering a relationship with an accomplished and experienced mentor would allow future decisions to be given the consideration they deserve by gaining feedback from your chosen mentor.


The SA Chamber of Commerce UK hosts a monthly networking breakfast for members to generate business and further entrench their contacts in the UK. The Breakfast Indaba will offer a one-minute business presentation by each business present, a presentation on educational and other opportunities by the Chamber, and a special offer to attendees who want to join the South African Chamber of Commerce at the unbeatable price of £15.00. To have exclusive rights to present your chosen profession/industry please ensure you register.


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