International Jewellery London (IJL) is the UK’s premier jewellery trade show. Hundreds of domestic and international brands are exhibited over three days and attract thousands of visitors.

The Jewellery Council of South Africa will be participating in a national pavilion to promote a number of South African jewellers, and seeks to publicise its pavilion to attract as many visitors as possible to showcase South African talent.The inclusion of a South African national pavilion in IJL 2015 provides an opportunity for members to source the latest designs and trends from back home. South Africa’s presence illustrates the country’s burgeoning role in the industry.

South Africa is internationally recognized as a leader in the mining of gold, diamonds and platinum, and holds the world’s largest reserves of gold and platinum-group metals. In fact, South Africa is almost synonymous with some of the oldest and most precious metals and minerals in the world. What is less well known is that South Africa also creates from these natural riches some of the world’s finest jewellery, crafting virgin, precious-metals and minerals into exquisite jewellery forms, a kaleidoscope of the country’s natural energy, beauty and diversity.

In every respect the South African jewellery industry is poised to take its place on the world stage. Few countries can boast the same proximity to the greatest reserves of precious stones and metals in the world, sophisticated jewellery manufacturing capability and infrastructure, skilled and talented manpower, and the boundless creative spirit of its people.   

This combustible mix is South African Jewellery, fusing the best of the old and the new; – innovative, contemporary design with ancient metals and minerals; international quality and craftsmanship with traditional African themes.  South African Jewellery is innovative and has also come of age.

We would like to introduce the international jewellery market to South Africa, the land of gold, platinum and diamonds. Once again, our National Pavilion will offer exclusivity, originality of design, prestigious quality and competitive pricing on high end product. The jewellery on display is only a sample of South Africa’s jewellery manufacturing capability.  It represents the riches and talents of our country, and our industry. It is how we are transforming our natural wealth into a future, priceless vision.  

For any information on the South African jewellery industry as well as business to business introductions, please contact the Jewellery Council of South Africa on [email protected]  or visit our website on

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