A Community of Talented Young South Africans

Nick Sachs, Executive Committee Member, SACC.YPC

Who are we? The Young Professionals (YP) chapter is a community of talented young South Africans under the age of 35 residing in the UK. We aim is to provide a supportive environment where members can seek advice, mentorship, and meaningful connections. We are also committed to promoting the lives of South Africans worldwide through our association with the South African Chamber of Commerce UK (SACC). Currently, the SACC offers a special rate of £60 (Incl. VAT) per year to join as a YP.

Our success to date – The YP chapter faced a temporary hiatus during the challenging times of 2020 due to the pandemic. However, in mid-2022, the chapter experienced a revival, with Nick Sachs taking the reins as the Chapter’s Chair. Since then, our primary focus has been encouraging networking among young professionals and increasing awareness of the South African Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout the second half of 2022, we organised monthly networking drinks, which garnered moderate success, with 10-20 monthly attendees. However, as the year-end festivities approached, we noticed a decline in participation. To rejuvenate our efforts, we formed a committee of young professionals in November 2022. The committee comprises Chris Carter, Steve White, Katy Carter, Rebecca Fawcett, and Rob Edwards.

To make our events more appealing, we discontinued the monthly drinks and introduced themed events for the first half of 2023. These events included a delightful “Bunny-Chow” sit-down dinner at the Pig & Whistle, a London cycle ending in Battersea Park with coffee, a Wine and cheese tasting at Vivat Bacchus in London Bridge, and a property investing event at the Institute of Directors in central London. These events have seen great success, attracting over 30 participants each time.

Our plans for the future Looking ahead – Our plans include expanding the committee to around ten members, allowing us to enhance the chapter’s capacity and formalise roles within the team. We’re thrilled to unveil our new itinerary for the second half of 2023, featuring exciting events such as a fun run and a Rugby viewing at a Pub, along with other engaging activities.

In the long run, we aspire to boost membership within the Chamber and create value for new members through various initiatives. Among these ideas are a mentorship program, job boards, and forums for aspiring entrepreneurs. As we move forward, these plans may evolve, but our commitment to fostering a supportive community remains unwavering.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved with the Young Professionals Chapter, please feel free to get in touch by email

Written by Nick Sachs, Executive Committee Member, SACC.YPC

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