Dear SACC Members

The time has come for the South African Chamber of Commerce to ask for your help in making a difference. We have created a huge network which facilitates business between SA and the UK, built on the backs of our patriotic members. We are extremely proud to be part of such patriotism and so, in the spirit of increasing the economic flow between our two great countries, we would ask you to complete our 5 question survey.

Our research department is currently in the process of writing a report on the current commercial visa process between SA and the UK, which we hope to use in order to make a real change to current policies. This is a subject that is close to all of our hearts and we would ask for you to show your support by completing the below survey during your spare time.

It is necessary for all of us to provide our opinion on this matter, as this allows the chamber to evidence the fact that this is a real issue that needs to be addressed by government. Each response will give our report more legitimacy and will show that our members really care about issues such as this.

We look forward to receiving your replies and thank you for providing some of your precious time in service of your country.


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