The SACC has contributed to the Arachnys Open Data Compass as an expert commentator on South Africa. Arachnys is a digital platform for due diligence in emerging markets. The company’s software uses human expertise and cutting edge technology to monitor and retrieve critical business information, and allows analysts and investigators to process AML, KYC and other compliance checks while opening up emerging market data for research.

Designed for compliance professionals, transparency campaigners and investors, the Arachnys Open Data Compass assesses business-critical data in 215 countries. The Compass covers global and local news sources, corporate registries, government information, court documents and global sanctions lists. The SACC was invited to provide expert commentary on South Africa’s overall rank of 48 out of 215 countries surveyed, and highlighted South Africa’s robust regulatory framework and impressive legislation score. The commentary can be found here.

The full Compass is available for download here.

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