The second South African Investment Conference has just taken place in Sandton, Johannesburg, on the 5th – 7th November.

The conference was billed as “a platform to showcase growth and investment prospects in an economy with vast potential and enormous resources. Investors will have the opportunity to hear from – and engage with – government representatives on its progress towards political and economic renewal, strengthening the credibility of public institutions and unlocking the latent potential and innovative spirit of South Africa’s economy.

South African Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Sharon Constançon, who was at the conference said, “It was an honour for the Chamber to be able to take a company down to SA who is interested in investing into the country. The company, experts in AI, use it to understand computer users’ patterns of behaviour, which allows for up to a 30% decrease in their consumption of electricity. SA needs to reduce the use of electricity, as well as increase the amount generated, so this application of technology contributes towards improving that situation.

“It was great to see Cyril Ramaphosa in good spirits and motivated by the Springbok win, very different to a number of recent engagements where he has appeared very flat. 

“He did divert from his script to give updates on work in progress to support South Africa being “open for business”, the removal of departmental red-tape, and some coming changes on immigration requirements, both focused on getting business done.

“1500 people had a wonderful opportunity to meet each other.  It was welcome to see a number of our Advisory Board members present at the conference.”

Download your copy of the South Africa Investment Conference Newsletter here.

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